Does the hybrid concept of the DualSun panel have an impact on the backsheet?

No. The presence of the heat exchanger on the backside of the panel has no impact on the backsheet’s durability.

Moreover, with a stagnation temperature of 80°C, the panel’s temperature also does not have an impact on the backsheet’s durability.

The Isovolta backsheet used for DualSun panels undergoes a temperature of 150°C during the lamination process and maintains all of its properties.  Also, during certification testing, the DualSun panel underwent TC200 (thermal cycling with 200 cycles from -40°C to +85°C) and DH (humid heat: 85°C et 85%H), each test lasting approximately 1.5 months (1,000 hours).

Moreover, Isovolta has also validated 2,000 hours of DH without issues and indicates on their technical datasheet: “”Relative Temperature Index (RTI): 105°C”.  The “Relative temperature index (RTI)” is the maximum service temperature at which the important properties of the material are not impacted by thermal-chemical degradation.