Are DualSun panels certified?

For the European market, DualSun panels are certified according to European standards: IEC (for the photovoltaic part) and Solar Keymark (for the thermal part).

Download the IEC and Solar Keymark certifications.

For the Australian market, the DualSun recently obtained the Australian CEC certification.  We are currently in the process of obtaining US certification (UL, SRCC).

DualSun, first in the world to obtain the new “PV/T Solar” certification

In 2013, the DualSun panel was the first in the world to pass a new series of tests specific to solar PV/T technologies.  After only three and a half years of development, DualSun received the IEC and Solar Keymark certifications in December 2013.

As of March 2013, all PV/T (photovoltaic and thermal) solar panels must respect IEC norms (photovoltaic) and new reinforced Solar Keymark norms (solar thermal technologies).

The rigorous Solar Keymark tests were performed on all DualSun panels at the TÜV Rheinland laboratory (Cologne, Germany), proving the robustness of the panels in conditions of extreme temperatures, accelerated aging cycles, fire tests, and more.  By obtaining the IEC and Solar Keymark certifications, DualSun demonstrates its high-quality technology; moreover the certifications allow the panel to be eligible for subsidies and insurances, a key advancement as we expands internationally.

Ulrich Fritzsche, TÜV Rheinland, Project Manager of Hybrid PVT systems: “With the new chapter 13.7 of the Solar Keymark Scheme Rules, every hybrid solar panel must pass new specific tests that have been developed over the past years.   In our laboratories, DualSun is the first manufacturer to pass these new tests.  We believe strongly in the potential of the PVT technology… otherwise, we would not spend so much time developing these new relevant tests!”

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