Does the certification for the DualSun panel include hail tests?


The SPRING and FLASH 375/400Wc Shingle Black panels are RG4 certified, i.e. they resist an impact energy of 11 Joule, i.e. the fall of a 40mm diameter hailstone at a speed of 27 .5m/s.


All the other photovoltaic modules in the catalog are certified according to the IEC 61215:2016 standard which requires resistance to the fall of a 25mm diameter hailstone at a speed of 23 m/s with 10 points of impact. On the scale of hail resistance classes, this requirement is between RG3 and RG2. We have no doubt that the other modules in the DualSun catalog are resistant to an RG4 requirement, so we can, if necessary, have the switch to RG4 validated by a control office on request.


It is important to note that it is not so much the diameter of the hailstone that matters but the energy of the impact.



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