Is DualSun a member of PV CYCLE?

Yes, DualSun is a member of PV CYCLE. PV CYCLE manages the collection and recycling of solar panels at the end of their lifetimes. This association of European photovoltaics companies was created in 2007. Today it is responsible for the collection of thousands of tons of photovoltaic waste and applies the best techniques to obtain a very high rate of recycling that is sustainable and profitable.

PV CYCLE has established a vast network of collection points throughout Europe, with almost 50 voluntary collection points in France alone. After collection, photovoltaic waste is then transported to 10 partner recycling plants located in Germany, Italy, Spain, and Belgium.

To finance PV CYCLE’s actions (collection, logistics, recycling), an eco-participation levy is applied to the sale of each solar panel. As a PV CYCLE member; DualSun charges 1.20€ excluding tax for each panel sold. There is no margin made on this eco-participation. The amount of the eco-participation fee is based on the current cost of recycling a solar panel and all decisions concerning eco-participation are made by a dedicated committee representing the various PV industry stakeholders.

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