Does DualSun offer any batteries?

DualSun is a hybrid solar panel manufacturer, producing both electricity and hot water.

Hot water is works well as energy storage using very simple technology. This is why DualSun has made great efforts to recover the heat lost by photovoltaic panels and store it in the form of hot water.

In this way we contribute to a future of greater energy autonomy. On the electrical side however we do not sell batteries, but it is very much possible to connect batteries to DualSun panels; this doesn’t pose any problems of compatibility.

One of our authorized installers will be able to include the cost of a battery in your final quote and advise you on the best system to install with your DualSun panels!

Moreover we do not particularly advise customers to aim for total electric autonomy, except in the case of an isolated site of course! A 100% autonomous solution requires in effect the coupling of one or more storage means with, depending on the case, an intelligent system for managing energy consumption.

Today, battery-based storage is the most common technology. However with the addition of batteries the cost of your solar installation will be significantly impacted, despite the technological and economic progress made in recent years.

Also in order to move towards energy autonomy based on renewable energy, the first stage should be to adapt our consumption to autonomous production or to provide storage solutions such as an electric vehicle for example. This can be recharged during solar production hours.

On the other hand to implement a solar installation capable of covering all of your needs, it is absolutely essential to accurately determine the size of your installation. Only a specialized design office can help you in this process by studying your consumption profile for at least one year.

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