What is the difference between the hybrid Spring panel and the photovoltaic Flash panel?

The Spring is a hybrid solar panel that produces both electricity (photovoltaic) and hot water (thermal).

The Flash is a photovoltaic panel that only produces electricity.

The function of the Spring panel is to meet both electricity and domestic hot water (DHW) needs, or even to heat your pool if you have one: with hybrid panels, we size the system according to a household’s hot water needs, about 1-1.5 panel/person depending on the region.

Once you have sized the number of Spring panels to your thermal needs and you want to add more PV capacity, there is no need to exceed those thermal needs with additional Spring panels (which are more expensive than Flash panels since they produce 2 types of energy).

If the space on your roof allows it, you can easily add conventional photovoltaic panels (Flash) since any excess electricity you do not use is sold back to the grid to your additional financial benefit.

On the other hand, if you have no need for DHW at all, then it does not make sense to opt for Spring hybrid panels. Flash panels will meet your needs at a lower cost.

In conclusion, depending on your needs, your consumption habits, and the specifics of your home, you can opt for the installation of 2 types of panels or for one or the other. The Spring and Flash panels are visually indistinguishable and can therefore be mounted side by side in an aesthetically homogeneous installation.

An authorized installer will be able to advise you on site.

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