What equipment is needed to obtain a remote thermal monitoring on a DualSun installation?

Real-time remote thermal monitoring is possible thanks to the DualSun T-Box and allows data to be displayed on your computer screen or smartphone.


An additional probe is delivered with the T-Box. It can be installed at the top of the storage tank in a DHW system or near the water inlet in a swimming pool heating system.


The T-Box also allows remote monitoring of the installation, facilitating any after-sales service and limiting the number of field interventions.


An internet connection close to the solar controller is necessary for the operation of the T-Box KM2. It is possible to use a wifi connection but it is strongly recommended to use an RJ45 cable directly or via PLC if necessary.


Please refer to the DualSun pressurized systems installation manual or the Pool installation manual for the key steps of a proper DHW or pool installation.


DualSun T-Box installation video

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