What is the recommended hydraulic operating flow for DualSun panels?

The proper throughput of an installation depends on the schema listed below.

The lower the rated thermal load of a plant, the higher the flow rate. The recommendations of nominal flow rate in operation are provided below:


Recommended nominal flow
(L / h / panel)

CESI: Individual Solar Water Heater


CESC: Collective Solar Water Heater


Technical water storage with submerged heat exchanger


Technical water storage with plate heat exchanger


Individual indoor pressurized pool


Municipal indoor pressurized pool


Individual outdoor pressurized pool


Municipal outdoor pressurized pool


Indoor direct swimming pool


Indoor direct collective pool


Individual outdoor direct pool


Municipal outdoor direct pool



How to adjust the hydraulic flow of the DualSun SLL solar station when commissioning a CESI?

The DualSun SLL solar station is equipped with a high-efficiency circulator with speed modulated by PWM signal for the loop of the DHW solar storage tank.

The regulation modulates the speed of the circulator according to the temperature difference between the panels and the solar storage tank. The average speed modulation of the pump is 50%. This average modulation must correspond to the nominal operating flow rate of 32 L/h/panel.

The flow rate is set during commissioning with the pump set to maximum speed (factory setting 100%)

Therefore, the flow rate to be set during commissioning is to be

 64 L/h/panel or approx. 1 L/min/panel.


To adjust the hydraulic flow rate of the DualSun SLL solar station when commissioning a CESI pool discharge system, see the pressurised systems manual.


What are the pressure losses of the DualSun Spring panel?

What is the maximum allowable flow rate of DualSun panels?

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