What is in-roof solar?

A roof integration system allows the solar panels to be placed directly in the roof. It is usually in the form of hooks that screw into the beams of the roof and allow the panels to be hung on the roof. There are several reliable systems on the market.

Can DualSun panels be built in-roof?

The answer is YES for our Wave model!

(the DualSun Spring model, however, can only be installed in on-roof)

The DualSun Wave has the same size and the same appearance as conventional photovoltaic panels; it is installed on the roof exactly like photovoltaic panels thanks to existing mounting systems. For single-family homes, there are two ways to install solar panels on the roof. They are either integrated roofing (in-roof) or via “on-roof”.

Panneaux DualSun en intégration toiture à Alleins (84)

Integrated roofing refers to when the solar panels replace the tiles (or the roof itself), pictured above. In this case, the panels are incorporated in the structure of the roof and must therefore perform the sealing function of the roof. DualSun modules perform this function using conventional roof integration systems, approved and certified, which guarantee the watertightness and mechanical strength of your roof. Roof integration has aesthetic as well as architectural advantages. It also allows you to benefit from feed-in tariffs.

Panneaux DualSun en surimposition à l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue (84)

On-roof refers to when the panels are fixed on the existing roof structure on-roof. An on-roof system is a bit cheaper than integration, but does not benefit from a feed-in tariff. This option is therefore interesting for “self-consumption” installations that are not linked to feed-in tariffs and the sale of electricity.


What does a roof-integrated system look like?

DualSun avec le système d'intégration EASY ROOF

DualSun can be installed with many integration systems, including the EASY ROOF system. This is a practical and robust installation system developed by IRFTS for the total integration of solar panels on the roof. Thanks to a patented interlocking process, the different parts of an EASY ROOF system interlock easily (like a LEGO™) to form a frame where the panels are then installed. The system was developed to suit all types of roofs.

Designed from the outset to have identical dimensions to conventional photovoltaic solar panels, our DualSun panel is naturally able to rely on the EASY ROOF system to be easily integrated into the roof. Visually, the result is very harmonious.


And you, would you rather have in-roof integration or on-roof? To find out what suits you best, start a study with MyDualSun today!


Note for the French market


Following the evolution of the photovoltaic tariff decree, the advantageous purchase tariff for "IAB" installations has come to an end. Although integration into the roof has an aesthetic and architectural advantage, this fixing option is more complex than an “overlay” installation.


Conversely, the superimposed configuration is not intrusive since it does not impact the waterproofing of the roof and adapts perfectly to a classic frame.


In summary, the “IAB” having disappeared, the superimposed configuration prevail today in the market.





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