How much space should be between 2 DualSun panels in the same line?

The spacing between 2 DualSun panels of the same line depends on the installation system.

The width of the module clamps on the installation system defines the spacing between modules.

It is then necessary to check the dimension of the stirrups in the technical instructions of the installation system used.

With a K2 or RENUSOL type laying structure, the width of the stirrup is 2 cm.


To calculate the dimensions of a line of panels, use the following calculation formula:

N = Number of panels

Inter caliper = Inter-panel bracket

Outer bracket = Outer bracket


Dimensions des modules DualSun:


Model Length (mm) Width (mm)
DualSun Wave 1677 990
DualSun Flash et Spring 280 Wc 1677 990
DualSun Flash et Spring 310 Wc 1650 991


In the calculation formula, it is necessary to consider the dimension of the module depending on whether it is installed:

  • in portrait mode, take the width of the panel
  • in landscape mode, take the length of the panel


The width of a line of panels is therefore calculated:


 N x panel dimension + (N-1) x inner bracket width + 2 x outer bracket width



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