Can I install the DualSun solar panels myself?

If you are a professional installer, then of course you can install DualSun solar panels yourself.

If you are not, it’s preferable to go through one of the installers recommended by DualSun. Any project wishing to benefit from the various financial aids available must be carried out by an installer recognized by the Grenelle Environment Forum, that is to say, accredited by a Qualit'EnR qualification (Quali'PV, Quali'Sol, etc.).

To summarize, going through an approved installer offers the following advantages:

  • The warranty of your panels is ensured by the manufacturer DualSun,
  • In renovation, you benefit from the tax credit (CITE) and local aid (if applicable),
  • In renovation or new construction, you benefit from the personal consumption premium,
  • A quality installation performed by competent, conscientious and attentive professionals.
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