What is the price of a DualSun solar panel?

Rather than giving the unit price of a DualSun solar panel it is better to think about the entire solar installation as a whole. Indeed, the cost of a DualSun solar installation will depend essentially on the sizing of your project and not on the price per unit of the solar panel.

Practically speaking, the most important thing to remember about DualSun is the price of the “supplied-fitted” installation (which includes panels, ancillary equipment, and installation) and comparing it to the savings generated. DualSun has the advantage of offering double production of electricity and hot water, and guarding against constantly rising energy costs. Savings are guaranteed for at least 25 years, knowing that the duration of the system goes even beyond this.

If you wish to make a personalized study and obtain an economic balance sheet specific to your home, log onto our MyDualSun platform to determine the price of a DualSun solar panel for your installation.

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