What is the average annual production of a panel?

First, the production of the installation as a whole should be considered, not a single panel. It is the installation in its entirety that will produce energy, and this will depend on the geographic location of the project (the length and intensity of sunshine throughout the year vary by geographic area).

The production will not only vary according to the geographic location but also the power of the installation (the number of panels), and consumption (for domestic hot water).

The needs to be met will therefore depend on these parameters. For example, an installation of 4 DualSun panels for a house of 4 people in Marseille will produce approximately:

  • PV: 1582 kW⋅h/year
  • DHW: 1858 kW⋅h/year
  • Total: 3440 kW⋅h/year

For a personalized study, consult our planning and simulation software MyDualSun.

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