Why choose DualSun over solar PV and solar thermal (two side-by-side installations)?

DualSun presents multiple advantages including rooftop space, efficiency, design and cost! First, DualSun panels, due to their innovative and patented hybrid technology, perform much better than standard photovoltaic panels. Photovoltaic panels become less efficient as outdoor temperature rises.  

Due to the DualSun's panel's heat exchanger, water circulation on the backside of the panel cools the PV frontside of the panel, allowing to increase the PV efficiency of the panel, AND generate hot water at the same time!  With DualSun, 1+1=3 and you save 30% of rooftop space for the same installed power output as for two separate PV and thermal installations.   Moreover, aesthetically, a DualSun installation is composed of one type of black-black panel, and thus is more visually harmonious than two separate PV and thermal installations side-by-side.  

Note that a DualSun panel has the same visual appearance as a PV panel, so you can decide to complete a DualSun installation with additional PV panels without changing the aesthetic look of your installation. Finally, the labor costs of a DualSun installation will be lower than two separate installations because the installation is less complex and requires less maintenance.

 Where two PV and thermal side-by-side installations will require 2 different types of mounting, a DualSun hybrid installation will only require labor for 1 type of mounting system. These are the principal reasons why you choose DualSun over two separate PV and thermal installations! 

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