Where are the hybrid DualSun SPRING panels manufactured?

In France! Our DualSun SPRING hybrid solar panel (PVT) carries the Made in France label because it is proudly engineered and manufactured in France:

  • Our team of engineers is based in Marseille in the South of France.
  • Our factory is based in Jujurieux in the department of Ain. It is ISO 9001 certified to guarantee the outstanding quality of our products.

The proximity of our branches allows us to ensure better control of our production line and limit transportation costs.

You can find here the Made in France certificate.

Developing a high quality and eco-friendly product is our priority.

Also, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of our activity and contribute to local economic development, we are proud to have concentrated all of the following in the same country:

  • The design and manufacture of heat exchangers. These are at the heart of DualSun innovation, allowing the recovery of the energy lost to heat in the photovoltaic panels,
  • The procurement of all materials used for the manufacture of our heat exchangers,
  • The design and manufacture of our production machines.

This way we limit pollutant emissions linked to the transport of goods and contribute to the development of unmatched French know-how of a technology of the future.

On the photovoltaic panel (or laminate) on front of the DualSun SPRING panel:

For the PV laminate, our vision has always been to use leading module components and work alongside the industry’s leading photovoltaic panel suppliers. In this way, DualSun will be able to remain at the forefront of demand, offering innovative photovoltaic panels tailored to meet the diverse needs of its customers in terms of performance and aesthetics.





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