Are DualSun panels recyclable ?

Yes!  Thanks to SOREN (former PV CYCLE), DualSun panels are 94,7% recyclable.

  • For the photovoltaic part, the recycling industry has made enormous progress and the components of our panels are 94.7% recyclable.

  • For the thermal part, the DualSun heat exchanger is made of polypropylene (PP), which is 100% recyclable. All the mechanical parts used to attach the heat exchanger are also 100% recyclable.
    The insulated version of the SPRING is fitted with expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation panels, which are also 100% recyclable.
    As part of our eco-design approach, we do not use adhesives to facilitate the recyclability of our products. All the thermal components are therefore easy to dismantle when SOREN takes them in.

>For more details on the process, read our full blog article:


So as the photovoltaic part can be recycled up to 94.7%, the thermal part is 100% recyclable. Our solar panels are therefore almost entirely recyclable, and have a very limited environmental impact.


We are members of the European SOREN network (formerly PV Cycle), which takes care of our panels during their recycling process.


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