What is the warranty for DualSun products?

With solar panels, there are two types of warranties: a performance warranty with respect to the photovoltaic performance, and the product warranty. The first warranty covers the panel performance in working state, whereas the product warranty covers eventual product defects.

Photovoltaic performance warranty


DualSun provides a 25-year PV performance warranty.  After 10 years, we guarantee 90% electrical power output as compared to the initial power output. After 25 years, the power output is guaranteed at 80%. For more details, please consult our Warranty Conditions.

Product warranty


All products manufactured and commercialized by DualSun have a product warranty of 10 years. DualSun guarantees that over this time period, the products are exempt from any mechanical defect that would affect the stability and functioning of the installation.

How to ensure that your DualSun installation is under warranty

A completed and signed Installation Report is required in order to activate the warranty of your DualSun installation. The report indicates in particular the starting date for your warranty. The report also allows DualSun to verify the parameters of your installation and assure optimal performance.

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Installation completed by your installer


Send your Installation Report to warranty@dualsun.com


Receive your Warranty Certificate


Enjoy your installation with peace of mind!

How to proceed in case of a problem with your DualSun installation?

First, contact your installer who will put you in touch with the DualSun tech support team if needed. Your installation will be analyzed and an expert will study the defected product if necessary. If the defect falls under the conditions of the warranty, DualSun will replace the product.

What happens to a defective panel?

DualSun is a member of PV Cycle, an association that manages the recycling of solar panels. The panel will be sent to one of PV Cycle's recycling facilities. Learn more about the recycling process.

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