What is the advantage of the DualSun Flash panel?

The DualSun Flash panel is a photovoltaic (PV) panel with the exact same visual and photovoltaic characteristics as the DualSun Spring hybrid panel. The advantage of DualSun Flash panels is that they can be installed next to Spring panels if additional photovoltaic capacity is needed, without a visual difference!  This is a very important point to be able to have an aesthetically uniform installation for the best visual rooftop presentation possible. Even as a standalone PV panel, the DualSun Flash panel is a high-end PV panel that presents multiple advantages compared to standard PV panels:

  • Highest standards for certification process: The modules are certified according to the 2016 version of IEC61215/61730 certification. This latest standard is much more demanding than the previous one in terms of quality and durability of the delivered modules. The certification was conducted at the TÜV Rheinland laboratory, which is also a gauge of high standards and quality.

  • Highest standards for module components: The module components (glass, EVA, backsheet) used are all qualified, controlled internally and certified by the TÜV laboratory before being used with an objective to guarantee robustness and a constant quality with time.

  • Low carbon footprint in manufacturing process: As part of a lifecycle analysis (LCA) of the panels, an audit was conducted of the manufacturing site which demonstrated the high quality of the equipment used and the processes set in place, allowing to optimise the carbon footprint of the PV manufacturing process of the panels. As a point of comparison, a typical Chinese manufacturing site will have a carbon footprint of 11.446kgCO2Eq/kWp whereas the carbon footprint of our manufacturing site is 6.855kgCO2Eq/kWp, which demonstrates the efficiency and low carbon impact of our manufacturing process.
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