How DualSun FLASH® panels are manufactured?

In addition to its DualSun SPRING® hybrid panel, DualSun offers a range of simple photovoltaic panels, the DualSun FLASH® panels.


Origin and quality of FLASH® photovoltaic panels

Thanks to its experience in designing the SPRING® panel, DualSun has developed a thorough knowledge of the photovoltaic market and manufactures its photovoltaic laminates in the most automated and high-quality factories in the world. 


The specifications of DualSun photovoltaic laminates (SPRING® and FLASH®) are defined by DualSun, and comply with demanding worldwide certifications:

  • UL (USA)
  • CEC (Australia)
  • IEC (Europe)
  • SII (Israël) 


The panels are then manufactured by an OEM on fully automated lines. 

From the selection of the factory to the shipment of the photovoltaic modules, DualSun relies on the world-renowned expertise of a third-party inspection office. This control office is present throughout the manufacturing process of DualSun's photovoltaic panels, which ensures impeccable quality at each of the stages described below.


1- Pre-production Audit (PPA)

Selection of factories through a pre-production audit 

  • Verification of the conformity of the factory's ISO certificates (9001, 14001, 18001)
  • Verification of the conformity of the IEC durability certificates of the panels produced in the factory (IEC 61215/61730: design and product approval; IEC 62804: Potential Induced Degradation; IEC 61701: Salt Spray; IEC 62716: Ammonia)
  • Unitary quality study of each component that will be used in DualSun photovoltaic panels,
  • In-depth control of the entire production site by auditing engineers: components and storage facilities, production process and equipment, operator training, control process and equipment, finished product storage.


2- Production Supervision (PS) 24/7

  • Review of components and production processes according to DualSun certifications and technical specifications
  • Full production monitoring (24/7) by auditors physically present during production: process, quality control
  • Complete flashlist analysis of DualSun photovoltaic panels produced and validation of the power class.


3- Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)

  • Random selection of module batches for complete visual inspection
  • Random selection of 10 modules per production batch for additional laboratory performance and reliability testing


4- Container Loading Check (CLC): Container loading check


5- Random quality control

Random control of the panels at the DualSun factory in France (Jujurieux) 

  • The containers of DualSun photovoltaic panels are delivered to the DualSun factory (located in Jujurieux, in the Ain region) where the SPRING® panels are produced.
  • They are then randomly checked by DualSun (picking) by a dielectric test (which is part of the IEC 61215 standard). This test verifies the good electrical insulation between the conductive elements and the module frame. This guarantees the safety of the users. 

6- Stock

Monitoring the stock of our distribution partners in time for a good reactivity

This "fabless" manufacturing approach has already proven itself since DualSun is recognized as the world leader in PVT hybrid technology. It is also what allows DualSun to always offer the best photovoltaic technology in terms of cost/performance ratio.


Details of DualSun's specifications for FLASH®

Here are some details on some of the DualSun specifications that are required for each DualSun FLASH® (and therefore SPRING®) panel production.



Technical specifications





Grade A

As per GB/T 2828.1-2003/ISO2859-1:1999 sampling plan : AQL 1.5, General Inspection Level II


Mechanical assembly without screwing, anodizing treatment



3.2mm tempered glass with low iron content (high transmittance) and anti-reflective coating

GBT 2828.1


Gel content EVA : 75%-95% 

(usually above 89%)



Thickness: ≥ 300μm ; UV treatment 200kWh

IEC62788-2 2017 / IEC61215-05 10.13 / IEC61215-05 10.11

Junction box

Class II ; IP 67

IEC 62790

DC cables


EN 50618


MC4 (compatible or original)

IEC 62852

Solder strip

Copper(>99,97%) with coating Sn60/Pb40



Copper(>99,97%) with coating Sn60/Pb40



Full automatic



This DualSun specification ensures compliance with the rules of the art at all levels (components, process, finished product) which can only be ensured by a systematic audit of productions. Any module produced without a systematic third party audit is likely not to strictly comply with the IEC. Indeed, certified BOMs are unfortunately not strictly followed by many manufacturers.

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