What is the origin of photovoltaic laminates of DualSun SPRING and FLASH panels?

The photovoltaic cells of the DualSun panels are manufactured and assembled in Asia.
They are said to be "laminated", i.e. hot pressed against the glass plate used in the front of the panels.

The photovoltaic industry is evolving very quickly with the development of gigantic factories capable of producing several gigawatts (1 GW = 109 W) of solar photovoltaic panels per year.

It would not be rational for DualSun today to invest in a plant that would laminate photovoltaic panels in competition with large manufacturers already present on this market (mostly Asian). Indeed, massive investments have been made there. This leads to a very strong pressure on the price of photovoltaic components on the one hand, but also a very high level of automation and therefore quality of these manufacturers.

Our vision on the photovoltaic laminate of DualSun panels has always been to use first quality components and to work with the best manufacturers of photovoltaic panels. In this way, DualSun can remain innovative, with panels that better meet the demands of the market, both in terms of productivity and competitiveness.

In recent years our photovoltaic cells were first laminated in Belgium, then in France, then in Germany in 2018, and now in Asia at a fully automated industrial company that regularly produces for manufacturers who are part of the "BloombergNEF Tier 1 PV Module Maker List", which is the reference ranking of photovoltaic laminate manufacturers. Each production of DualSun photovoltaic panels is audited by a specialized control office.

This choice allows us to remain competitive, and continue to develop our know-how, which focuses on recovering the 80% of heat lost by photovoltaic panels.

It should be noted that the photovoltaic laminate represents only 25% of the added value of the DualSun Spring hybrid panel, and that a total of 55% of the added value of the DualSun hybrid panel is French. DualSun therefore continues to supply a maximum of French-made components and has invested heavily to develop its manufacturing and assembly plant in France, in a logic of local production: Where are the DualSun solar panels made?

We are convinced of having a relevant approach to the energy transition, from the point of view of competitiveness. Optimizing the energy efficiency of photovoltaic panels proposed by DualSun makes it possible to make buildings self-sufficient in energy, which represents more than 35% of global energy consumption. And the technology of our DualSun panels is specifically suited to the electricity and heat needs of buildings.

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