What is the stagnation temperature of the DualSun SPRING panel?

The stagnation temperature of the DualSun SPRING solar panel is :

  • 80°C for the non-insulated version
  • 90°C for the insulated version. 

This was measured during KIWA certification tests in accordance with ISO 9806:2017 (ex EN 12975-2) for Solar Keymark certification, with an irradiation of 1,000 W/m² and and an ambient temperature of 30°C.


Note: This stagnation temperature is lower than the stagnation temperatures of a thermal panel. Indeed, in solar thermal, the water passes through a layer of glass directly exposed to the rays of the sun. This unique layer concentrates the rays and causes a greenhouse effect. In our hybrid panels there are several layers, the first being a photovoltaic panel. The sun will not directly heat the water, it is the heat conduction of the photovoltaic laminate that will heat it.

One of the advantage of this technology is therefore that there is no need for summer discharge.

>To go further : What is the maximum temperature that can be reached at the outlet of a DualSun panel?





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