What material are the inter-panel links of the Spring panel for pool heating (SP) made of?


The DualQuickfit inter-panel connection of the DualSun SPRING hybrid solar panel is made of a flexible hose and DualQuickfit quick fittings.


In pressurized (P) the flexible hose is an EPDM hose with internal x external dimensions : 26mm x 32mm.

It's UV resistance has been tested:

  • in accordance with 1431-1 ("Vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber - Resistance to ozone cracking - Part 1: Tests under static and dynamic elongation)
  • in thermal cycling (TC200) under pressure at 1.5 bar from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C according to IEC 61215: 2016 and 61730: 2016


DualQuickfit quick fittings are made of injected polypropylene with 30% glass fiber.

NB: SP connections are compatible with glycol if a pressurized pool installation is used

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