How do DualQuickFit interpanel connectors work?

To connect SPRING panels to each other, DualSun has developed DualQuickfit quick couplings, mounted on flexible lines packaged in the form of crowns.
These couplings have been designed to be very simple and quick to connect hydraulically: this is a key point for a quality installation. 


The tightness of the DualQuickfit couplings has been tested and proven during thermal pressure cycling during the tests related to the passage of the EN 12975 standard corresponding to the SOLAR KEYMARK.

These flexible lines are pre-assembled with a flexible DN15 or DN26 hose, depending on the nominal flow rate required, see table below, and with DualQuickfit quick couplings, portrait or landscape, depending on the layout of the installation.


  Raccord_DualQuickfit_portrait.png Raccord_DualQuickfit_paysage.png

Flow rate

DualQuickfit portrait coupling

DualQuickfit landscape coupling

DHW = 60L/h/panel



Pool discharge / Heat pump coupling = 100L/h/panel

DN15 ou DN26


Direct pool heating = 200L/h/panel




Technical characteristics of DualSun DualQuickfit links

Installation of DualQuickfit links

It is possible to connect hydraulically up to 6 hybrid solar panels DualSun SPRING.

Install the inlet/outlet fitting kit on the DualQuickfit hydraulic links according to the layout plan before installing them on the panels onto the roof.

Be sure to insert the DualQuickfit fitting straight into the SPRING panel manifold.



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