What are the components of the kit for pressurized systems?

For a pressurized individual solar water heater installation with DualSun panels, the heating kit consists of:

  • a DualSun solar station delivered with:
    • a DualSun SLL solar controller
    • a safety valve calibrated to 6 bar
    • a 6mm temperature sensor to be installed as close as possible to the solar heat exchanger at the bottom of the storage tank.
  • hydraulic lines with their fittings to connect the panels to the technical room
    • as the stagnation temperature of DualSun SPRING panels does not exceed 80°C, we recommend the use of multilayer piping for ease of use.

    • multilayer press fitting kits are available in the DualSun catalog

  • a hot water storage tank

We strongly recommend that you also equip yourself with our DualSun T-Box which allows remote monitoring.

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