Is DualSun compatible with Vitocal (Viessmann) compact heat pumps?

The DualSun panel is compatible with a VIESSMAN system such as VITOCAL.


To install our panels with this type of equipment, it is obviously necessary to take the version compatible with a solar system. Here we take the example of the VITOCAL 242G whose technical documentation is available here.


As mentioned in the documentation, this DHW heat pump has a heat exchanger for use with solar thermal. It is possible to hydraulically connect DualSun panels to this.

The two systems are compatible with each other. Nevertheless, for optimum solar panel production, priority should be given to the solar control logic via the VIESSMANN control. This is so that the solar control can bring the highest amount of heat.


DualSun neither offers nor endorses any activity that would lead to a warranty restriction on its panel when implemented with this type of system. The general instructions relating to the commissioning our panels must still be respected so that our guarantees apply.

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