How do I winterize a DualSun installation directly connected to a pool with a CS/2 controller?

Step 1: Change the HND parameter on the controller to OFF

To do this, first go to the installer menu on the controller. To do so, scrol through the regular menu options using the top button of the controller. Once the display no longer scrolls any further, press and hold the top button for 5 seconds. This will take you to the installer menu and the display menu will change. Continue to scroll through the options in the installer menu until you reach the parameter HND. Once there press the central button to switch the parameter to OFF then press the central button again to confirm. Once completed, after one minute of inactivity the controller will return to the main menu. When you decide to service the installation again in the springtime, be careful: the HND setting must be set back to AUTO and not to ON!

Step 2: Open the array outlet valve

Depending on the configuration of your installation, it is possible that a drainage valve was installed at the installation’s outlet. It should be accessible, so in this case, open the valve, wait until all the water has finished flowing, then close it to prevent the intrusion of any external elements. If you do not have a drain valve, your installation is self-draining, so you have nothing more to do! The panels will empty by gravity into the pool. The winterization is complete!

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