Are DualSun SPRING panels suitable for "mobile" projects such as on a boat, a camper or a tiny-house?

Yes, the installation of our DualSun panels on boats, motorhomes, yurts or tiny-houses is possible. However to use the thermal part of the panel it is necessary to systematically forecast the space needed for a hot water tank. Indeed, the tank is necessary too.


Our panel has been designed primarily to meet the energy needs of residential buildings and the hot water tank often takes a bit of space. This space is often limited in "mobile" projects and we do not have a standard solution for these applications at the moment.


If a space can be dedicated to the reception of a solar tank in the camper, the mobile home, the tiny-house, the boat, or any other mobile or semi-mobile project. Then, a detailed study can be done to define the feasibility of the project.

If not, we advise you to install photovoltaic panels suitable for this type of project.


> To go further : What should be taken into account with an isolated solar installation?





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  • Hello Mr. Watson,

    Thank you for your comment.

    I invite you to contact us by email or to make a study on our simulator (by following the link below).

    Don't worry if the simulator doesn't match your project (tiny house, van, boat, import of panels etc), the goal is to reach the last step of the study.

    At this stage, you will be able to indicate your phone number and then click on "Get a quote". We will then be able to put you in touch with our partner, able to answer your questions and accompany you in the purchase and/or installation of DualSun solar panels.

    We invite you to create your account with this link in order to give special care to your request: MyDualSun

  • I have only recently discovered your dual range of solar + water heater panels. I have a 12mtr sailing catamaran that currently has 6x flexible and 2x 150w rigid solar panels . I would like to replace the 2x rigid solar panels with one or two of your smaller 300w dual panels. The hot water system on my boat is a 35ltr water tank that is currently heated by one of the engines using a heat exchanger (coolant cooled by salt water) running through copper coils inside the water tank. What I would like to know is, if I installed one or two dual panels and added a small 12v low pressure water pump to reticulate the panels heated water through the heating coils in the water tank, would this work? Is the tank big enough? I'm located in Brisbane Australia so we get sun most of the year. The panels would be placed horizontally across the back of the boat.  


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