What is MyDualSun?

The idea of MyDualSun is to allow anyone interested in a solar project with our DualSun hybrid panels to simulate it individually, independently, and transparently, without any special requirements.

Very easy to use, the MyDualSun application is an ideal starting point to plan your solar panel project: Does my roof support the installation of DualSun panels? Do I get enough sun in my region? How much will it cost me and how much will I save?





How does the MyDualSun application work?

In 4 steps,

1- You provide information about your DualSun project

    • Is it a single-family home or an apartment building? MyDualSun conforms to the project type.
    • Is it a new building or will the installation be a renovation? This information allows us to determine the applicable VAT rate and what subsidies are available to you.
  • What is the address of the project? We need geographic coordinates to calculate the year-round sunshine on your roof.


2- You enter the characteristics of your roof using our innovative tools


  • What is the surface area of your roof?
  • What is its orientation?
  • What type of roofing material are we talking about?
  • What is the inclination of your roof?

We’re here to help! The MyDualSun app automatically calculates the surface area of your roof and its orientation. A visual interface can also determine the inclination of your roof. Explanatory info balloons are there to to guide you step by step.


3- You choose your offer

  • Solar domestic hot water offer

The DualSun hybrid solar panel uses the heat generated by its photovoltaic cells to produce free solar hot water with its patented heat exchanger. Your energy autonomy increases, your energy bills lessen and you get a renewable source of hot water to take solar showers as well as solar electricity production for self-consumption!

  • Self-contained solar pool offer (available soon on MyDualSun)

We have developed a technical system to make swimming pools self-sufficient in energy and even send electricity to home for self-consumption. Additionally the DualSun panels will serve as a heating system for the pool during sunny periods. At the same time, the electrical production of the Spring panels will also make up for the energy consumption of the pool, including the filtration pump!


4- You let us calculate everything and you receive your results by registering

Our calculation tool analyzes the data you have entered and will provide you with a summary of your project, the recommendations we have and your environmental analysis. To obtain your result you must first register, and from that moment you can consult the map that lists all our projects currently underway.


How to interpret the results of your MyDualSun study

This is how the results are presented:

1- Dimensioning of the installation


The tool recommends a number of DualSun Spring hybrid solar panels that can meet your hot water needs. You also have the option of adding DualSun Flash photovoltaic panels to increase your electricity production and your energy autonomy.


2- Energy balance

Household energy consumption is evaluated according to an ADEME source. ADEME calculates an annual electricity consumption per household equivalent to 3,200 kWh and a thermal consumption equivalent to 50 l/person/day at 50°C. You can use tools to fine tune these levels of consumption at the bottom of the page. The production is certified by an independent organization.



What is the energy autonomy indicated in the sun? It is the ratio of the electricity generated by your solar installation to your total electricity consumption. What is the carbon offsetting shown on the energy balance sheet? This means that by using solar energy and therefore less or no fossil fuels, you reduce your CO2 emissions. This is like planting trees that capture CO2.


3- Economic assessment

Increasing energy prices show you how profitable it is for you to install DualSun solar panels.


  • Investment: the price of a solar installation has never been so low! For a standard solar installation, you can expect to spend around 10,000€ for the equipment and labor; this corresponds to the average market price.
  • With DualSun you save money on your hot water consumption. DualSun panels will produce hot water instead of your conventional boiler and therefore reduce your bills related to the latter’s use. We assume the following prices:  0.07 €/kWh for gas, 0.078 €/kWh for fuel oil and 0.062 €/kWh for wood. We also assume the following scenarios for annual price increases: 3.85% annual increase for gas, 4.70% for fuel oil and 3.78% for wood.
  • With DualSun you save money on your electricity consumption. DualSun panels will produce electricity that you consume instead of drawing from the grid. This will reduce the amount of your electricity bill. We assume an electricity price of € 0.15 / kWh and an annual increase of 3.03%.


4- Refining your study

For an even more refined study, we request several additional details about your energy consumption habits such as your annual electricity consumption or whether there is air conditioning present in your home. The data on the page are automatically updated, allowing you to customize your results even more!


5- Commence your project with an authorized DualSun installer

If your energy balance sheets seem interesting, the next step is to put you in touch with one of our approved installers. To do this we will need your contact information and some additional information about your project so that the install is able to answer your questions correctly. Already have an estimate for a solar installation? Put it into competition via the app! Once we have found a qualified installer to carry out your project, we will send your information so that they can contact you as soon as possible: Forty-eight hours after we put you in contact, you will also receive the dealer’s information.


Throughout your project we will stay in touch to ensure its successful installation!




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