How much does a DualSun installation cost?

We are talking here about a complete DualSun installation, i.e. including all the photovoltaic (inverters, rails, etc.) and thermal (storage tank, pump, pipes, etc.) ancillary equipment, as well as the manpower required for the installation.

We consider an individual solar water heater application for a 4-person household.

Concerning the dimensioning, we recommend 1 hybrid panel per person below latitude 45.75 and 1.5 panels per person above this latitude, i.e. 4 or 6 DualSun Spring hybrid panels.

Depending on the geographical location, a DualSun installation for a 4-person household consisting of :

4 Spring hybrid panels and 6 Flash photovoltaic panels (3 kWp) will cost around 8,5 k€ including tax.

6 Spring hybrid panels and 4 Flash photovoltaic panels (3 kWp) will cost around 10,5 k€ including tax.


These prices are orders of magnitude for standard installations and should be considered as such. They do not take into account the specificities of each building. These prices are also based on French market data so they may vary depending on countries.

If you wish to make a personalized study taking into account the specificities of your dwelling, log on to our MyDualSun platform. You will be able to evaluate the benefits of your installation and contact one of our installers for a quote.

If there is not any installer in your area and you wish to purchase panels directly from us please send us an email at

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