Which roof integration system should I use with my solar installation: on-roof or in-roof?

There are 2 main types of mounting/integration systems:

  • On-roof: the panels are fixed on a structure above the tiles.
  • In-roof: the panels are installed in place instead of tiles, so they fulfill the role of waterproof covering.

Our hybrid panels can be installed in either of these two configurations.

Following the May 2017 tariff order, the feed-in tariff advantage for in-roof systems will be phased out. Although roof integration has an aesthetic and architectural advantage, this mounting option is more complex than on-roof installation.

On the other hand, the on-roof configuration is not intrusive because it does not impact the watertight seal over the roof and fits perfectly on a conventional frame.

In summary, with the tariff advantage for in-roof installation set to disappear, it must be said that the on-roof configuration will go on to dominate the market. The latter is already becoming more and more widespread.

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