Which roof integration system should I use with my solar installation: on-roof or in-roof?

There are 2 main ways to install solar panels on the roof:

  • Superimposition : the panels are fixed on a structure above the roof surface.
  • In roof : the panels are installed in place of the roof surface, they therefore fulfil the role of waterproof roofing.

Our FLASH photovoltaic panels can be installed in 2 configurations (superimposition or integration).

Our SPRING hybrid panels can only be installed superimposed.

See this link for the table of compatibility with the fixing systems

Note for the French market


Following the evolution of the photovoltaic tariff decree, the advantageous purchase tariff for "IAB" installations has come to an end. Although integration into the roof has an aesthetic and architectural advantage, this fixing option is more complex than an “overlay” installation.


Conversely, the superimposed configuration is not intrusive since it does not impact the waterproofing of the roof and adapts perfectly to a classic frame.


In summary, the “IAB” having disappeared, the superimposed configuration prevail today in the market.




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