Given the choice between a 3 kWp pure PV module and a 1 kWp hybrid DualSun module for the same price, why should I choose the DualSun?

When discussing hybrid panels, the distinction between the total power output of an installation and its purely photovoltaic power output needs to be established first:

A DualSun panel has a thermal power output of 404 Wth for domestic hot water use as well as a photovoltaic power capacity of 280 Wp, adding up to a total of 684 W / panel!

Thus, an installation of 4 hybrid DualSun panels has a total power output of 2.7 kW, almost the equivalent of a 3 kWp photovoltaic installation!

In addition to an installation for the same price and the same total power, DualSun also offers the following advantages:

  • A smaller surface area that’s easier to install and more aesthetically pleasing
  • A higher photovoltaic efficiency than a traditional PV panel because the DualSun hybrid panel is cooled via its thermal heat exchanger
  • The DualSun installation meets two daily energy needs throughout the year: electricity and domestic hot water
  • Eligibility not only for photovoltaic subsidies, but also for solar thermal subsidies/rebates as well, such as the 30% tax credit for hybrid systems, not available for PV arrays alone
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