Are DualSun SPRING panels compatible with a De Dietrich BSC or BESC solar tank?

Yes, according to the installation and maintenance instructions for De Dietrich solar tanks. The BSC, BSP, BESC solar heaters model are compatible with DualSun Spring hybrid solar panels.

Model designation :
BSC/BSP...E = Dual exchanger cylinder
Preparator BESC...E = Electrosolar preparator

1. Solar control :
The solar control of the storage tank is pre-configured with the following values (parameters cannot be changed):

Delta_T ON : +7°c
Delta_T OFF: +3°C
Minimum trip temperature: + 30°C

These values, although slightly different from the DualSun recommendation, are acceptable and allow the system to function properly.

2. Solar Station :
The solar station of this storage tank does not present any contraindication for DualSun compatibility.
On the other hand, it is not possible to connect a DualSun T-Box because the control system does not have Vbus wiring ports.

3. Expansion vessel :
The expansion vessels of these tank references have a volume that varies according to the model and tank volume :

Tank model



BSP 400E


BSP 500E



12 litres

12 litres

18 litres


These volumes are close to the DualSun recommendations and no modification is necessary.





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