Do DualSun panels have anti-reflective glass and what is their luminance ?

Yes, DualSun solar panels are fitted with anti-reflective glass ensuring high performance even in diffused light.

The luminance of the glass of the DualSun panels is around 50,000 cd/m²
(however we do not have a certificate for this at the moment).


For projects in airport areas

(This is about french regulation, for other countries please refer to local regulations and laws)

The luminance threshold no longer seems to be imposed by the DGAC.

Indeed, the TECHNICAL INFORMATION NOTE of 10/11/2022 (French language) issued by the DGAC and the ministry seems subject to interpretations, which does not favor the serene realization of projects in airport areas.

Before starting the costing of this type of panel, we therefore now ask:

  • A reverberation study* validated by the DGAC confirming the need for a low luminance module
  • A project greater than 300kWp or a portfolio of potential projects for this volume because the minimum order is a container of 806 FLASH 375 Half-Cut White - Low Luminance modules
  • A written confirmation from the local DGAC certifying that the Low luminance glass certificate - 20,000 cd/m² from DualSun is accepted as the technical reference for the future module.

If these 3 elements are validated, we can offer you a specific production of FLASH 375 Half-Cut White - Low Luminance (additional cost to be validated for each project).

For countries other than France, a specific study of the regulation must be done to be in accordance with the local laws.


According to what standard are luminance tests of solar panels carried out?

There is no specific standard for testing the luminance of solar panels.

The best-known standard on this subject, but which does not directly mention the determination of luminance, is ISO 9050-2003 "Determination of light transmission, direct solar transmission, total solar energy transmission, transmission of ultraviolet and factors derived from glazing ".


The low luminance glasses that DualSun offers have been tested in-house by our glass supplier. These tests show that the luminance of treated glass is limited to 15-20% of that of a panel with standard glass.





A certificate of low luminance for so-called “anti-glare” glasses that will be used on this type of panels can be downloaded.



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