Do solar panels emit dangerous waves?

No, photovoltaic solar panels produce a direct current and the magnetic field emitted is as continuous as the Earth's natural magnetic field.

This type of wave does not induce an electric current in the human body.

An alternating electromagnetic field, on the other hand, is to be taken with caution with regard to human health.

An electric field is created from the moment a conductor is energized.

A magnetic field is created when an electric current flows. 

This means that the electric field can be present even if there is no consumption of electricity (current flow).

The electric field, measured in Volt per meter, varies according to voltage (number of volts), the magnetic field, measured in micro Tesla, varies according to intensity (number of amperes).

We are surrounded by alternating electromagnetic fields: electric wires surrounding our homes, electrical appliances, relay antennas, mobile phones, induction tables, etc ...

In the case of a photovoltaic system, an alternating electromagnetic field appears at the inverter.

In fact, this element transforms the direct current generated by the photovoltaic panels into sinusoidal current, with the same frequency as the electrical grid.

The danger of electromagnetic waves comes essentially from the intensity of the wave, the proximity of the source and the exposure time.

While the electric field can be easily attenuated by obstacles, the only protection against the magnetic field is distance.

The best protection against a magnetic field is therefore to keep the photovoltaic inverters away from living rooms. A distance of one to two metres is often sufficient because the magnetic field emitted by the photovoltaic inverters, in the case of installations on single-family homes, is far below the exposure limits set by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

On the other hand, the only period of the day when the risk of exposure is prolonged is during the night. A photovoltaic panel produces electricity during the day, so the magnetic field at night is zero.


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