What is the salt spray test on DualSun solar panels?

Solar panels installed in coastal areas are particularly exposed to humid and salty atmospheric conditions.

To verify and certify the resistance of DualSun solar panels, we place them under the severity 6 level of IEC 61701 salt mist corrosion test, which is the most stringent test level.



You can download the salt spray corrosion resistance certificates of the DualSun panels:

This test consists of exposure to salty air with a sodium chloride (NaCl) concentration of 5% for a period of 56 days, i.e. a repetition of 8 cycles of 7 days.


Definition of a severity cycle 6 :

  • Spraying: 2 hours / 28°C / NaCl reaction
  • Storage under humid conditions: 21.5 hours / 40°C / Relative humidity 93%.
  • After four periods of spraying and storage in humid conditions:
    • Storage under standard atmosphere: 3 days / 23°C / Relative humidity 50%.


Visual and electrical performance tests are then performed to measure the level of degradation of the panels.

Are DualSun panels certified?

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