Are DualSun panels compatible with the Renusol ISSE mounting system?

Yes, DualSun FLASH and SPRING panels are compatible with Renusol's InterSole SE (ISSE) system.


50 mm rails are required to lay the DualSun Spring hybrid solar panels.

  • Roof type: In Roof Integration
  • Modes of installation: Portrait and Landscape


Here are some pictures of the compatibility test with Spring panels:

Test_ISSE_1.PNG.png Test_ISSE_3.PNG.png
Test_ISSE_4.png Test_ISSE_2.PNG.png
Test_ISSE_5.png Test_ISSE_6.png


You can also consult the documents of the InterSole SE system available on the RENUSOL website.


For more details about the installation of DualSun panels on roofs:

What mounting systems can be used to install DualSun Spring panels? 


To consult the compatibility of DualSun Spring and Flash panels with in roof integration systems: Compatible mounting systems – In Roof Mounting

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