Is DualSun compatible with the De Dietrich Kalico TWH 300 EH thermodynamic water heater?


The DualSun SPRING hybrid panels can be coupled with the De Dietrich Kalico TWH 300EH thermodynamic storage tank.

In order to achieve greater economic efficiency through the production of free renewable heat, it is necessary to give priority to solar hot water production.

The intelligence of the thermodynamic storage tank can be informed by an electrical signal and the time programs can be set to guarantee hot water comfort and optimise the operating ranges of the DualSun solar system. This with the aim of maximising the energy yield of the DualSun-De Dietrich coupling. 

In order to inform the intelligence of the thermodynamic storage tank so as to decide when to switch on the heat pump to guarantee optimum comfort at times of high demand, it is necessary to install a control relay between the DualSun solar control and the electronic board of the thermodynamic storage tank.


I. Wiring

Install a single-phase relay HR230 between the DualSun SLL solar controller and the TWH 300 PE storage tank as shown in the following diagram:


1. Remove the front cover

2. Access the electronic card

3. Make the electrical connection from a 2A circuit breaker using a cable with a cross-section of 1.5 mm².

4. Connect the DualSun SLL solar controller using terminals R2 and N 


(1). Meter

(2). Main circuit breaker

(3). AC differential switch

(4). Circuit breaker

(5). Relay HR230 - 1 NO contact + 1 NC contact 20A (Normally Open / Normally Closed)

(A). Voltage cable 230V, 1.5 mm²

5. Set program P04 to 5

6. The heat pump and the electric heater are allowed to operate according to the time schedule.

II. Setting of the DualSun SLL solar controller

  1. Set up system 3
  2. Activate the parallel relay option : OPARR = ON
  3. Parallel relay : REL = R2
  4. Reference relay : RELR = R1
  5. INVER = OFF


III. Setting of the thermodynamic water heater

2.png  3.PNG Navigation Keys
MODE Mode selection key
MENU Access key to the different menus
  1. Press the MENU button
    • The SEnS1 menu is displayed
  2. Use the 4.PNG and 5.PNG keys to scroll through the menus
  3. Press the Mode button (✔) to enter the selected menu
  4. Press the MENU button to return to the previous display
  5. Press the MENU button once to return to the main display

III.1. Setting the time program :

  1. Press 2x on5.PNG
  2. Enter the ProG3 menu
  3. Setting or changing time slots

Time programming according to the household profile, shower in the evening or morning.

  • Evening : HOn = 5:00 PM; HOff = 11:00 PM
  • Morning: HOn = 0:00 am; HOff = 6:00 am


III.2. Setting the parameters

  1. Press the MENU button once
    • The SenS1 menu is displayed
  2. Press the 5.PNG key 6x
    • The CodE menu is displayed
  3. Enter the access code 012 with the 4.PNG and 5.PNG keys
  4. Press the Mode button (✔) to access the menu
    • Parameter P01 is displayed
  5. Scroll through the parameters using the 4.PNG and5.PNG keys
  6. To change a parameter, press the Mode key (✔)
    • The parameter value flashes
  7. Use the 4.PNG and 5.PNG keys to set the desired value
  8. Confirm the value with the Mode button (✔)


List of parameters :

  • P01 = 55°C
  • P02 = 55°C
  • P04 = 5
  • P06 = 1
  • P07 = 62°C
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