Are DualSun SPRING Panels compatible with Yack ORA thermodynamic water heater?


The DualSun SPRING hybrid panels can be coupled with the Yack ORA 270L or 450L thermodynamic balloon.


However, the Yack ORA 200L storage tank is not compatible because it is not equipped with an internal heat exchanger for connection to a solar system.


Option to control the solar/thermodynamic storage tank coupling:


We recommend using our DualSun SLL solar controller to control the solar circuit rather than the Yack ORA storage tank controller.

The communication between the two controllers will be necessary to smartly activate the compressor according to the available solar energy.

To do this, wire the relay R2 of the SLL controller to the terminal block B1 B2 dedicated to the external source:


In DualSun SLL controller, set R2 using the parallel relay option : 

  • OPARR = ON
  • Parallel relay: REL = R2
  • Reference relay: RELR = R1

In the Yack storage tank control, assign the "OFF" function to the external input (green "ON/OFF" symbol with waves), see chapter p37 of the storage tank manual.



Then, use the time programming function of the Yack storage tank by setting one or more of the following time slots according to the DHW drawing (evening or morning), see chapter 8.3.6 p.33 of the storage tank manual: 

  • evening: 4:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. 
  • morning: 4:00 am - 8:00 am


Régler également le programme “chauffage rapide” (symbole goutte d’eau avec flammes en dessous) s’il est disponible avec une température d’activation de 45°C, à défaut, choisir le programme “normal”.

Enfin, aller dans les paramètres avancés du programme à l’aide du code 1234, voir 8.3.15 p36 puis régler la sélection de la source d’appoint sur résistance électrique (symbole éclair) voir p36.




Thanks to these settings, the solar energy should be able to provide maximum heat to the storage tank during the day, and then at the end of the day, if the temperature of 45°C has not been exceeded, the thermodynamic storage tank and the electric resistance will take over to heat the storage tank up to the set target temperature (65°C max. recommended) in rapid heating mode. If you have chosen normal mode, only the compressor will be activated as a priority if the air temperature allows it, otherwise the electric resistance will be activated.

The solar system and the thermodynamic storage tank can therefore heat simultaneously during the programmed time slots. If the water heater is switched on, the solar system will usually be switched off because there is not a sufficient temperature difference between the solar panels and the water in the storage tank, and the solar system will have reached its maximum capacity.



Important notes:

The coupling of the Yack ORA tanks with the DualSun SPRING panels cannot be fully optimized because the location of the tank temperature sensor is high (at ¾ from the height of the tank). This results in a significant reduction in the activation cycles of the solar system. 

This is because the solar controller activates the heat recovery by the solar panels on the principle of differential measurement between the temperature of the solar panels and the temperature of the water contained in the water heater. With the stratification phenomenon, the storage tank temperature sensor will detect higher values due to the rise of hot water towards the top of the storage tank.

This further reduces the activation cycles of the solar system. 



If the DualSun SPRING hybrid panels can be coupled with the Yack ORA 270L and 450L thermodynamic storage tanks, the energy performance and the savings achieved may be significantly reduced due to the location of the temperature sensor in the storage tank.

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