Are DualSun SPRING Panels compatible with Yack ORA thermodynamic water heater?

Are DualSun SPRING Panels compatible with Yack ORA thermodynamic water heater?



The DualSun SPRING hybrid panels can be coupled with the Yack ORA thermodynamic water heater.

For optimal coupling, it is recommended to schedule heating time slots by the thermodynamic group compatible with the customer's consumption habits and solar heating hours.

  • Showers in the evening: 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Showers in the morning: 2 a.m. to 8 a.m.

Choose the NORMAL program 



If necessary to ensure a better hot water comfort by programming heating time slots between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. (solar hours):

  • It is then possible to inform the intelligence of the thermodynamic water heater by an electric signal to always give priority to free solar heating and avoid simultaneous heating.
  • The DualSun solar controller must be connected to the electronic board of the water heater.

See below for the option of controlling the thermodynamic water heater with the DualSun solar controller.



Important 2:

The slot for inserting the storage tank temperature sensor, which is connected to terminal strip S2 of the DualSun SLL solar controller, is located at marker (10) in the diagram below.

Lower the temperature sensor as far as possible in order to collect the lowest possible storage tank temperature and thus optimize the solar control system.




Option to control the solar/thermodynamic water heater coupling:

The communication between the DualSun SLL solar controller and the Yack ORA thermodynamic water heater controller is possible to intelligently activate the compressor according to the solar energy.

For this purpose, the relay R2 of the SLL controller must be wired to terminal block B1 B2 of the Yack ORA water heater dedicated to the external source: 


In DualSun SLL controller, set R2 using the parallel relay option : 

  • OPARR = ON
  • Parallel relay: REL = R2
  • Reference relay: RELR = R1

In the Yack water heater controller, assign the function "OFF" to the external input (green "ON/OFF" symbol with waves), see of the storage tank manual.


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