Are DualSun SPRING Panels compatible with Yack ORA thermodynamic water heater?

The DualSun SPRING hybrid panels can be coupled with the Yack ORA 270L or 450L thermodynamic storage tank.

However, the Yack ORA 200L storage tank is not compatible because it is not equipped with an internal heat exchanger for connection to a solar system.



Important notes:

The coupling of Yack ORA storage tanks with DualSun SPRING modules cannot be optimised for the following reasons:

  • Location of the high storage tank temperature sensor (at ¾ from the height of the storage tank).
    This results in a significant reduction in the activation cycles of the solar system. 
    The control activates the heat recovery by the solar panels on the principle of differential measurement between the temperature of the solar panels and the temperature of the water contained in the water heater. With the stratification phenomenon, the storage tank temperature sensor will detect high values due to the hot water rising towards the top of the storage tank.
  • The programming logic of the Yack ORA storage tanks does not allow the solar heating or thermodynamic heating to be activated alternately.


In addition :

  • The DualSun SLL solar controller is programmed with the following parameters:
    • DTon = 6°
    • DToff = 2°


  • The control of the Yack ORA storage tanks for the management of external heat sources is programmed with the following parameters:
    • DTon = 10°
    • DToff = 5°


This further reduces the activation cycles of the solar system. 

The solar system and the thermodynamic cylinder can therefore heat simultaneously. The activation of the boiler will usually cause the solar system to shut down due to a lack of sufficient temperature difference between the panels and the water in the storage tank.




If the coupling of the DualSun SPRING hybrid panels with the Yack ORA 270L and 450L thermodynamic storage tanks is possible, the energy performance and the savings achieved are likely to be significantly reduced for the two reasons mentioned above.


It is therefore advisable to program the thermodynamic storage tank to operate hourly so as to heat the water outside solar hours and just before the important drawing times, i.e. showers.


Examples of hourly programming according to the household profile: shower in the evening or in the morning.

  • Evening : HOn = 5:00 pm; HOff = 11:00 pm
  • Morning: On = 0:00 am; Off = 6:00 am
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