Is it possible to add and control a booster pump on a DualSun pool heating system?

Yes, with a DualSun SLL solar controller.


Here is a diagram that explains how to wire and control the booster pump:  


Setting of the solar controller

To access the menu

  •  Press and hold down the button Touche_validation.PNG.png
  • Turn the rotary actuator to the desired menus
  • Enter the menus by pressing the button Touche_validation.PNG.png

Parallel relay option

  • OPARR = ON
  • REL = R2
  • RELR = R1

Configuration REL relay

  • Relay R2 = ONOF

Example of contactor model: Relay 230V - 2 NO contacts - 9A (AC3) contacts for inductive loads (motors, up to 1300W).

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