What pressure test are DualSun SPRING panels subjected to before they are installed?

Each DualSun SPRING panel is tested at 1.5 times the maximum allowable operating pressure (see module data sheet in the DualSun documentation area) to verify their tightness.

  • The protocol and test tools are standard and certified in the solar thermal industry.
  • The measurement performed is a measurement of pressure variation in the panel over a given time, which is then converted and communicated as a leakage rate.
  • The pressure variation allowed over the duration of the test corresponds to zero, +/- the detection threshold of the test bench, of the order of one ten thousandth of the atmospheric pressure in the heat exchanger (i.e. a high threshold equivalent to 3ml/min after conversion by PV=nRT in the test).


What tests are performed on DualSun Spring panels at the end of production?

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