What are the technical specifications of the PT1000 4mm DualSun panel temperature probe?

The panel temperature probe supplied in the DualSun essential kit is a PT1000 FKP4 probe whose technical specifications are framed by the IEC 60751 standard, which defines the following characteristic equations:

  • Between -200°C and 0°C
    R(t90) = R0[1 + At90 + Bt²90 + C(t90 - 100°C)t390]

  • Between 0°C and 850°C
    R(t90) = R0[1 + At90 + Bt²90]

A = 3,9083 10-3°C-1

B = -5,775 10-7°C-2

C = -4,183 10-12°C-4

R0 =1000Ohm


The class B tolerance of the DualSun temperature probe determines the following permissible error:
Error max = ± 0,30 °C + 0,0050 * | t90 |


To consult the table of ohmic values determined from these characteristics


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