What are the different hydraulic layouts for DualSun panels on residential roofs?

Here are the hydraulic notebooks to be preferred for the residential.


4 SPRING panels

  • Install on the same line


6 SPRING panels

  • Install on the same line


  • Install on 2 lines

If it is not possible to bring a single line on the roof, you can make 2 different lines but the solution is slightly more complex.




Where possible, it is important:

  • always center the SPRING panels  with regard to the installation by framing them to the right and left with FLASH panels
  • place the SPRING panels on the highest line  (if this is compatible with the exit of the  piping on the roof). This will also help hide hydraulic links with the FLASH panel lines below.


Good to know

To facilitate their routing in a maximum of configurations, DualSun DualQuickFit hydraulic links have been developed to allow a connection in portrait or landscape mode, so it is possible to adapt the hydraulic links according to the desired layout and also avoid the obstacles between the panels and the roof.

Depending on the installation configurations below, it is possible to make different types of layouts with dualSun FLASH  and  SPRING solar panels.


Po-Po_DN15_2.png Po-Pa_DN15_2.png

Layout configuration 1 

Panel in portrait / Portrait link

Layout configuration 2

Panel in portrait / Landscape linke


Pa-Pa_DN15_2.png Pa-Po_DN15_2.png

Layout configuration 3 

Panel in landscape / Landscape link

Layout configuration 4

Panel in landscape / Portrait link

Thus the hydraulic links can be oriented in such a way as to avoid the rails of the installation system or adapt to the type of roof.


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