How to wire the DualSun SLL solar controller for a ISWH system?

To activate and deactivate the solar pump (R1), the DualSun SLL control calculates the temperature difference between :

  1. the panel temperature sensor S1 
  2. the tank temperature sensor S2


System parameter (SYS) = 1

S1 probe

The S1 probe (4 mm) is supplied with the essential kit, delivered with the DualSun SPRING panels

Position of S1: in the exchanger hole at the outlet of the last panel


S2 probe

The S2 probe (6 mm) is supplied with the DualSun SLL regulation 

Position of S2: at the bottom of the tank in a 6 mm thermowell 

S3 probe

If a KM2 T-Box has been ordered, S3 is supplied with the T-Box. 

Position of S3: at the top of the tank (6 mm thermowell probe)


Operation of the solar regulation in CESI mode

As soon as the temperature difference between S1 and S2 is greater than or equal to the set value for switching on the pump (R1), the pump is switched on and the storage tank is heated until its temperature reaches the set switch-off value or the maximum threshold.

  • DTO = 6 = Delta activation temperature (S1 - S2 )
  • DTF = 2 = Delta switch-off temperature (S1 - S2)
  • RNOM = 60 = Nominal tank temperature
  • R MAX = 80 = Maximum tank temperature

Depending on the type of hot water tank, it is possible to control the auxiliary heating: When is it necessary to control the auxiliary heating with DualSun solar controller?


Thermodynamic solar tanks

Solar and thermodynamic auxiliary heat exchangers are usually stacked in monoblock thermodynamic water heating tanks.

It is therefore important to be able to control the activation of the thermodynamic back-up so as not to degrade the solar contributions by heating the water while the solar energy can be transferred to the tank: Which solar thermodynamic tanks are compatible with DualSun SPRING panels?

Solar tank with electrical resistance

In this case, it is possible to control the activation of the resistance by the solar regulation with parameterization of time slots. 

To know how to commission a DualSun installation.

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