What is the fire resistance of the DualSun FLASH panel?

Our DualSun FLASH modules are certified "Class C" as indicated by their IEC certificate

The IEC 61730-2 standard describes the requirements for materials and components of photovoltaic panels. 

Two tests are performed over four modules as part of the fire resistance verification of solar panels:

Class C flame spread test: the surface of the solar panel is exposed to a flame with a combustion power of 325 kW for 4 minutes and under the influence of wind.
The test laboratory uses it to evaluate the flame propagation on the top of the panel and between the roof and the solar panels.


During the burn test, a block of wood placed on the module is ignited to observe whether an external fire can burn the modules under the influence of wind.
To validate the test, no glowing or burning parts must fall off and damage to the module must be minimized.



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