What can I do if Dualsun SLL regulation display an error code or if the indicator light color changes?

SLL share its status through two ways

  • (1) The screen
  • (2) The light led in the center of the Lightwheel.





The regulator has a multicolor light led displayed in the center of the Lightwheel . This light indicate the following status:


Color Fix light Flashing light
green.png Everything is ok Manual mode: at least one of the relays is in mode MAN ON / Min speed / Max speed
red.png   One of the sensor wires is broken / Shortcut of a sensor / flow checking / Overpressure / Pressure drop down
yellow.png Holiday mode activated Temperature gap is too high / Night flow / DEP/RET inverted / Tank has exceeded max temperature
vert_rouge.png   Manual mode : at least one of the relays is in mode MAN OFF



Red/Green flashing light

=> How to fix them : 

  • Push “MAIN” button to get it the “manual mode” (see guidebook P44)

  • Fix the relays from “MAN1” to “MAN4” to “AUTO:
    exemple for “MAN1”
    • When “MAN1” is displayed : push “VALIDATE”
    • Scroll fonctioning mode with the wheel until “AUTO” mode and validate.
    • Repeat on all the relays
    • Push back button twice (on the left of the wheel)
  • When regulation is properly set, the main button is fix gre and a happy smiley is displayed. 


Red flashing light


There is a problem coming from a sensor

  • Wrong connection
  • Broken wire
  • Shortcut or else.

=> To fix the problem

For exemple: for 20°C, tension value should be between 1077.74 and 1078.34V

If it is not compliant please contact us. 


Screen error messages 

You can have several messages displayed on the monitor. Sometimes complementary to the wheel.


Error code Text message Cause


Sensor line broken
0002 !SHORT CIRCUIT SENSOR X! Sensor line short-circuited
0011 !ΔT TOO HIGH! Collector 50 K > than store to be loaded
0021 !NIGHT CIRCULATION! Betw. 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. col. temp. > 40 °C
0031 !FL/RE INTERCHANGED! Col. temp. does not rise after switching on
0061 !DATA MEMORY DEFECTIVE! Storing and changing adjustments not possible


St. max has been exceeded


Special case: in case of error 0071 appears, you have to reset time and date in the “DATE” menu. 

After the error has been removed and acknowledged, the error message disappears.

Î In order to acknowledge an error message, select the message and press the left button (touche_de_droite.png) for 2 s.


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