How is calculated the glycol volume and ratio in the software MyDualSun ?


Glycol is antifreeze used in the hydraulic circuit of a hybrid solar installation, it prevents freezing in the pipes.

The glycol content (in %) is calculated according to the location of the project in the world.

This gives for example in France :


Latitude <45°N







Glycol percentage 40% 40% 45% 50%


In a more visual way, the separation is done according to this approximate delimitation:




Volume of Glycol for an installation


The volume of glycol mixture is calculated according to the following calculation:


Volume required (L) = PVT Name * 5 + Piping Volume + Link Volume (Portrait (0.27) or Landscape (0.45))


To learn more click here : What is the impact of glycol on the environment ?





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