What pre-sizing and pricing ratio could be taken into account for a collective project?

For your projects on a collective building, we let you see the ratio below for a pre-sizing, estimated productivity and pre-cost of your installation, regarding what is your project.


If you are currently sizing your installation we invite you to contact us directly for a more detailed study through the form on our webpage dedicated to professionals.  


These ratios will allow you to have estimated data for your pre-study, but can not replace the quote from a competent installer. These ratios are not meant for a residential individual project. 



Estimated sizing (panel’s surface) Water to water heat pump Pool heating Hot Sanitary Water
m² of DualSun panels 3 m²/kW of heat output of heat pump 1 m² /m² pool area 2 m²/ accomodation


For an individual pool heating project, we let you see the ratio to take here.

Estimated annual productivity (kWh/m²/year)   Water to water heat pump  Pool heating Hot Sanitary Water
Area H1 (Paris) Thermal 300 240 200
PV 200 195 190
Area H2 (Lyon) Thermal 400 300 240
PV 220 215 210
Area H3 (Marseille) Thermal 480 400 300
PV 280 275 270


The estimated annual production will be this annual productivity x installation size

Investment (turnkey solar package in €HT) 50 m² 300 m² 1000 m² 2000 m²
CAPEX (Estimated supply and installation price) 850 €/m² 650 €/m² 600 €/m² 550 €/m²
OPEX (annual P2 Maintenance) 7 €/m².an 5 €/m².an 4 €/m².an 3 €/m².an


P2 : Labour for operation, maintenance

  • Cleaning and routine maintenance of installations
  • Driving, monitoring, adjustment of different equipment
  • Annual preventive maintenance


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