What are the different appearances of the DualSun solar panels?

The DualSun range has different types of finishes and therefore differences in appearance on the front side.

On the visible part of the solar panels are apparent : 

  • the cells ;
  • the back of the panel (glass or Tedlar) in transparency between the cells.

The back back of the panel can be: 

White Ultra Black Full Black Transparent
Range Half cut white Range Shingle black Range Half-cut black Range Half cut Glass-Glass
mceclip2.png mceclip3.png mceclip0.png

The color of the backside of the panel has a very light impact on his performance. Indeed, panel does not absorb the even amount of heat depending on its color and the more the panels heats up, the more its performance decreases but this remains negligible on an annualized production.


>To find out more: Where are the photovoltaic laminates of the DualSun SPRING and FLASH panels produced?




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