What are the external factors impacting the performance of a panel?

The external elements that can impact the performance of a panel are varied. We will review the most common ones here.


Dirts or deposits 

Why ?

The cells of the panel are generally connected in series to obtain more power.This means that the cell which produces the least gives the level of production of the other cells.

Shading on part of a panel will therefore prevent the arrival of photons and reduce the current production of one or more cells, impacting at the same time the level of production of the others.cells.

Also, external elements can "stain" the panel without you realizing it, and reduce performance (bird droppings, dead leaves).

Therefore, we advise you to have a regular visual control of your panels, and to pay special attention to potential soiling in rural or agricultural areas (wherepollens and dust deposits important) by the sea (sand, sea salt) or in urban areas (deposition of fine particles).

Normally, the next rain should be enough to remove superficial dirt, but in the case of stubborn dirt, you can call on a cleaning company that will allow you to find panels.efficient under secure conditions.

What impact on performance?

Bird droppings for example can greatly alter the performance of your panel: this residue on part of the panel can cause the activation de diode by pass.

These electronic components allow current to flow through shaded cell insulation to limit production loss, but this will not prevent sometimes reduce yield by 33% depending on panel technology.

The degradation of the panel

Why ?

Hail, although our panels are certified to resist hail, in case of extreme weather phenomena this can damage the glass of your panels. 

Using a very cold water to wash the panels when they are hot can cause a thermal shock which will weaken your equipment. So be careful to only use water at room temperature to avoid the risk of degradation.

Finally, stepping on the panel or washing it with high pressure machines as karcher can exert too much pressure on the module and damage it.


What impact on performance?

Weakened glass can lead to a loss of performance which will vary greatly from one impact to another.

Monitoring is an excellent way to concretely see the loss of performance, but also to anticipate by identifying significant or sudden drops in power.


Temporary loss of panel power

Why ?

The performances of a panel are given for a standard temperature of 25 degrees but overall the colder the panel, the better its performance.

However, during a heat wave,there is a difference of 20 degrees between a standard  photovoltaic panel and a hybrid panel.

What impact on performance?

A performance degradation of 0.2% to 0.5% per degree can be observed (source). This may correspond to a yield loss of more than 20%.

With our SPRING panel, the thermal part cools the panels, and Limits the increase in temperature of the photovoltaic part, therefore a loss of efficiency: this is the DualBoost effect. Moreover, the stagnation temperature being low(compared to a conventional thermal panel), even if a heat wave can impact the performance of the panel, it should however be noted that there is no risk of damage to the equipment.


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