How many DualSun SPRING panels are necessary to provide heat to a ground source heat pump ?

The sizing of the SPRING solar installation and water/water heat pump coupling must be done according to the cooling power required in the collection circuit, using the following formula:

Number of panels 1 = Max cooling capacity [W] / Thermal Power  of hybrid panel [Wth/PVT]


The solar power must be estimated in the worst case: no sunshine and minimum ambient T° at the location of the installation (refer to the first graph of this article with a G = 0 W/m2).

Surface of a panel is here the surface of the heat exchanger, in the case of the SPRING 425  the surface is equal to 2.08 m2.


And as the solar panels have a maximum flow rate limit, it is necessary to ensure that the minimum flow rate to be sent to the evaporator is respected:

Number of panels 2 = Minimum flow rate on the HP capture side / Maximum flow rate of the panels


Finally the sizing formula is:

Number of panels = MAX (Number of panels 1 , Number of panels 2)


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